The Parent Centre is endorsed by the World Childhood Foundation and Department of Social Development.

We offer various training programmes to teach parenting skills and also provide training for people wanting to become programme or workshop facilitators.

PACES Programme

PACES (Parent and Community Empowerment and Support) contributes towards widening the safety net for children.

Parent Infant Programme

1. Parent Infant Home Visiting Project

Parent Infant Home Visiting Project provides information and support to pregnant women during and after birth to encourage positive parent and infant attachment.

2. Zero–Five Counselling

The first 1000 days of a baby’s life shapes their future. Zero–Five years (First 1000 Days) Counselling is a specialised counselling service for all parents with their infants and toddlers.

Teen Parenting Programme

The Parent Center’s Parenting Skills and Support Programme is aimed at teenage parents and caregivers.

This programme equips teenagers with parenting skills which enables them to be more effective, responsible, nurturing mothers and fathers.

Counselling Programme

General counselling is aimed at engaging the parent into a partnership where information is shared and the parent’s own problem-solving ability is facilitated.

All parents, caregivers, foster parents, adoptive parents and grandparents are welcome. All counsellors are qualified and very experienced.

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