Teen Parenting Training

Our Teen Parenting Programme provides teenage parents and caregivers with world class support as well as parenting and life skills. The teen pregnancy rate in South Africa remains  unacceptably high and we do not condone teenage pregnancy. However, teenagers with  parenting responsibilities need support to enable them to cope with these, together with  their normal developmental changes and challenges and academic responsibilities.  
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Teen Parenting Programme:

This programme equips teenagers with parenting skills which enable them to be more  effective, responsible and nurturing mothers and fathers. Life skills promote sound  decision-making, helping teenagers avoid the mistakes of the past and cope better with  day-to-day life challenges. We believe that meeting the emotional needs of teenagers,  together with their sustained effective parenting of their children, will result in a reduction of  teenage pregnancy in the next generation.

This programme is run in schools for learners and “out of school” in community venues for  teenagers that may have been forced to drop out of school due to parenting  responsibilities. Participants voluntarily commit to attending 20 weekly group sessions. The  skills are taught in an interactive way that encourages participation and sharing of  experiences.

Positive Parenting Component

The Positive Parenting component includes sessions on:  

Life Skills Component

The Life Skills component – particularly pertinent for developing responsibility in teenage  parents and caregivers – deals with specific challenges such as:

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Please feel free to get in touch with  us at: 021 762 0116 or teenparenting@theparentcentre.org.za

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