Our PACES (Parent and Community Empowerment and Support) Programme contributes towards widening the safety net for children. It consists of workshops, talks, training, and counselling.

Parenting Skills Programme

The Positive Parenting Skills Training is a 7-week programme aimed at parents and caregivers of children of various ages. It focuses on understanding children’s behaviour and providing effective and positive ways of responding to difficult parenting situations.

Training is now available:  Face2Face Training — 3 1⁄2 hrs per session, per week.
WhatsApp Training — 2 sessions of 2 1⁄2hrs per week.

Fatherhood Programme

The Fatherhood Training focuses on the role of the father in the family, building a relationship with his partner, and being actively involved in raising his children. It also recognizes that some fathers are co-parents or single fathers.

Training is now available: Face2Face Training – 3 ½ hrs per session
Saturday Training also available.

Community Education & Awareness

We offer a range of prepared talks and workshops, or can customise a session to suit the
needs of your group/organisation. These can include topics like (but not limited to):

Communication between Parent and Teenager  

Factors Affecting Children’s Behaviour

The Unconscious Goals of Misbehaviour

Helping Children Deal with their Feelings

Effective Discipline for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

Effective Discipline for the Older Child

Building Children’s Self-Esteem

Encouraging and Motivating your Child’s Schoolwork

Assertiveness: Expressing the Parents’ Needs and Feelings — getting the child’s co-operation

Raising Boys

Raising Girls

Mothers and Sons, Fathers and Son

Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Daughters

Understanding and Managing your Child’s Temperament: The Spirited Child

Sibling Rivalry 

Helping Children Deal with Loss/Death/Divorce, etc.

Talking to Children about Difficult Topics

Your child and Television — is it good or bad?

Sexuality and the Pre-Schooler & Young Child/Tweenie, Pre-teen & Teenager

Typical Aggressive Behaviour – biting, hitting, etc. 

The Importance of Play

Building Resilience in Children

Circle of Courage 

How to talk to kids so that they will listen, and listen to kids so they will talk


Helping your Child cope with Bullying or Friendships

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