Positive Parenting Skills Training

Our Positive Parenting Skills Training Programme contributes towards widening the safety net for children. It consists of workshops, talks, training, and counselling.

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Positive Parenting Skills Training

Positive Parenting Skills Training (PPST) Courses and Workshops provide parents and caregivers  with parenting information, relationship-building, and behaviour-management skills that equip  them to relate to and care effectively for their children. The PPST aims to enable parents to  recognise the impact of how they were parented, move away from authoritarian and punitive  parenting styles, and learn a range of skills and techniques to practice positive parenting moving  forward.

Positive Parenting focuses on:

This course comprises seven to eleven sessions. The workshops range from one to three  sessions

Course Breakdown:

Positive Parenting Skills Training is broken down into eight sessions (including rethinking  parenting in terms of corporal punishment section). Sessions are typically 3 ½ hours in groups of  10 to 30 parents. We provide refreshments and notes. The PPST is run weekly during the week or  on a Saturday. 

For dates and costs, please contact: paces@theparentcentre.org.za

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