Our Vision

The Parent Centre strives to contribute to a society in which every parent or caregiver is able to raise resilient and well-balanced children. When parents are equipped with effective, healthy parenting skills, children will be able to reach their full potential and be protected from victimisation and abuse in communities free from violence.

Our programmes have been described as “aspirational”. The Parent Centre is endorsed by the World Childhood Foundation and Department of Social Development.


Through our services we have impacted 231 727 parents and caregivers, who care for approximately 624 750 children, and 19 414 professionals and community workers working with families.

Counselling Programme

General counselling is aimed at engaging the parent into a partnership where information is shared, and the parent’s own problem-solving ability is facilitated.

Parent Infant Programme

The Parent Centre’s Parent Infant Programme consists of Parent Infant Home Visiting and 0-5 Counselling.

Teen Parenting Programme

The Parent Centre’s Teen Parenting Skills and Support Programme is aimed at teenage parents and caregivers.

PACES Programme

The PACES (Parent and Community Empowerment and Support) Programme contributes towards widening the safety net for children.