Over the last 40 years, philanthropic partnerships have empowered The Parent Centre. Support from visionary local and international funders has enabled us to do our work, sustain, and grow our impact. Some of these partnerships are long-standing, and have played a significant role in the attainment of our strategic objectives.

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Together, we can create/offer solutions to help employers reduce absenteeism, improve worker morale, increase productivity, and support employees holistically.

We believe that managing a healthy work/life balance should be a priority for every employer. We have a rich history of working with formidable corporates who share this  belief. Companies such as Old Mutual, Metropolitan Health, First National Bank are some  of the clients who have trusted us to provide parenting training and workshops to their employees. It is heart-warming to see the difference our programmes have made — for the employer, employee, and their families.

Non-profits and Professionals

Support our team of experts to continue to change lives through positive parenting.

We place tremendous value in collaborating with organisations and professionals who  share our passion for families, parents, young people, and children. By combining our  strength and expertise with such partners, we are able to provide impactful services, and  to diversify our reach. We are proud of the impact made through these relationships —  impact we have been able to measure and impact that can be seen.

Government Departments

Harnessing the power of partnerships

Since inception, The Parent Centre has co-laboured with the government to help families and communities provide safe spaces where children can grow and thrive without abuse or  victimisation. We are thankful for the trust the South African government has put in us as a  partner in fulfilling this mandate to its citizens.


Leave a lasting legacy, today

We are grateful to the many individuals who support our programmes. Thanks to the generosity of our individual donors, we have received monetary donations, donations in kind, and pro-bono services. These have made it possible for our work to continue, even during COVID-19.

Our Partners

#PositiveParenting Stories of Great Partnerships

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