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  1. Cherish your time with them. Quality time
  2. Don’t look at anything as “mom” duties — share responsibilities. Some men still look at certain duties as “mom” duties, but don’t be one of those dads. Get involved in everything, and share the load with your baby’ mother. Changing nappies, giving baths, getting them dressed, even feeding them 
  3. Love conquers all. Show your children love. 
  4. Kids like making decisions. Teach your child to make decisions, and they will grow up much more capable — and happier.
  5. A little patience goes a long way. Allowing yourself to react in anger or frustration is not the best thing for your child, and you must remember that. That means you need to take a deep breath, or a walk, when you start to lose your patience. Practice patience with your child and your relationship, and your child, will benefit over the long run.
  6. Sense of humor required.
  7. Read to them, often.
  8. Don’t be the absent dad.
  9. Let them play. Kids really develop through playing — and while it might seem obvious, you should allow them as much free play as possible. 
  10. Spark their imagination.
  11. Limit TV and video games.
  12. Model good behavior.
  13. Treat their mother with respect, always
  14. Let them be themselves.
  15. Teach them independence.
  16. Stand together with mom

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