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The Parent Centre participates in the launch of the South African Child Gauge 2014

The Parent Centre was invited to participate in the Johannesburg and Cape Town launch of the 2014 edition of the South African Child Gauge. This document produced by the Children’s Institute University of Cape Town, has rapidly become an annual publication to look forward to. Congratulations to the Director and staff of the Children’s Institute for an enlightening edition and excellently organised launches.

The edition addresses recent policy and legislative developments that affect children in South Africa; why we should be making a greater investment in violence prevention programmes and outlines effective strategies to help break the intergenerational cycle of violence  as well as child-centred data from 2002 – 2012.

Whilst the statistics of violence against children in our country is staggering there is hope – violence against children is preventable. What we need is to truly value our children and put preventing violence against children (which includes physical/corporal punishment) high on our personal, political, corporate and social agenda. We also need to invest in programmes that prevent violence against our children, and make them accessible and easily available to vulnerable families across our country. This should include lower income families, those living in rural areas and also well-resourced families.

The Parent Centre’s Parent-Infant Intervention Home Visiting Programme (which underwent a randomised controlled trial, viz, Thula Sana) is featured in this edition as one example of an evidenced programme which contributes to the prevention of child maltreatment through improving positive parent-child attachment. (