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Social Movie 2014 – The Concept

 The Parent Centre is a non profit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our Vision is to strive to contribute to a society in which every parent/caregiver is able to raise resilient and well-balanced children so that they are able to develop their full potential and be protected from victimization and abuse in communities free from violence. Our aim is to prevent child abuse, child neglect and child abandonment through the promotion of positive parenting.

Social Movie

We are currently running 4 programmes in the Western Cape South Africa which focuses on Home Visiting, Teen Parenting, Counselling and Capacity building & Support. We are creating a ‘Social Movie’ to give our parents and supporters a chance to talk about their experiences and how their lives have changed with the help of The Parent Centre services. The movie contributes towards creating awareness around our programmes and services we offer and also to invite others to participate.

We encourage you to get involved and join in on social innovation and social change by helping us create awareness about The Parent Centre and also our services available to all communities. If you are a parent or caregiver and you find yourself needing help with the task of raising children and being a parent then contact us for information and suggestions on how WE can help YOU. We have a team of experts who can assist you in excellent ways. We want you to keep up the hope and become that awesome father and mother you would love to be.


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