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Parenting Tips for Bonding and Being More Involved with Your Children

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Sometimes it is a bit tougher for fathers to build bonds with their children than it is for mothers. Some barriers that fathers often deal with include time mismanagement as well as work. Balancing your family and everything else in your life can be tough, but it is not impossible. If you want to bond with your children and become more involved in their lives, here are a few great tips that can help.

Tip #1 – Get Involved in Night Time Rituals – Bedtime is actually one of the best times to bond with your kids. Maybe you can read a bedtime story to the kids at night, complete with all the funny voices. If you have a small child, consider rocking him to sleep at night. Come up with a special game you play before bed or some other fun routine you do each night together.

Tip #2 – Remember Physical Contact – To bond and become more involved with your children, remember physical contact. Sometimes fathers just don’t think about it, but a simple hug for your child can really increase the bond you have with them. Take time out for plenty of hugs and kisses with your kids.

Tip #3 – Spend Time Talking – Although you may not have a lot of time, try to take a bit of time each day to talk with your children. Communication is one of the most important parts of being involved in their lives. You want to know what they are thinking and feeling, so talking to them is another important tip for being involved in your children’s lives.

Tip #4 – Enjoy Physical Activities Together – Enjoying physical activities together can build a strong bond as well. Consider sharing a hobby that you both enjoy. Work on the lawn together. Workout together or coach a team that they are involved in, such as little league. Doing something together will increase your bond and give you something in common with your child too.

Tip #5 – Consider Sharing Spiritual Activities – You can also consider sharing spiritual activities with your child. In fact, these activities can be very powerful when it comes to bonding. Consider going to synagogue or church with your child, enjoying spiritual stories, praying with your child, or even exploring nature and its mysteries with your child.

Finally, the bond between a father and child is a special one. However, it takes some work to create that bond. There are definitely benefits to being an involved dad, so consider using some of these tips to get more involved in your child’s life. You’ll both enjoy the benefits for life.

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