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Increase in Counselling Fees effective 01 September 2021

The Parent Centre offers counselling to parents, caregivers, foster parents and grandparents.  Our counselling is aimed at engaging the parent into a partnership where information is shared and the parent’s own problem-solving ability is facilitated.  All our counsellors are qualified professionals.

Effective as of 1 September 2021, our new fee structure is as follows:

Total monthly incomeFee
R0 – R3 999R50
R4 000 – R5 999R90
R6 000 – R7 999R210
R8 000 – R12 999R320
R13 000 – R14 999R400
R15 000 and overR450
Co-parenting / JointlyR400
Clients outside of Cape TownR400

We encourage clients to pay cash when they arrive for their sessions, alternatively we will send clients an invoice.  Clients will not be seen for follow up appointments if they have not paid for their previous session.

Clients who specifically request for co-parenting sessions:

  • Individuals will pay the amount according to their total monthly income.
  • Joint sessions will be charged at R400, therefore each parent would pay R200.

The sliding scale does not pertain to clients who do not reside in Cape Town.  The subsidy that we receive from our funders are for clients in Cape Town only.  Therefore, clients who do not reside in Cape Town will be charged R400 per session.

Should you require any further information or to book your appointment, kindly contact our team on 021 762 0116 or email:

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