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Feedback poem from a participant who attended our Positive Parenting Training


The programme was about to begin,

When I, daddy Kevin, stepped in.


 I was met by new and familiar faces,

Quickly sat down, as we all took our places.


The room was filled with the fairer sex,

Sedick was the only, and I was the next.


For the following weeks, is to bring about change,

And this sessions, will help me to re-arrange.


With facilitators names Carmen and Berenice,

So began our course, without charging fees.


Exchange of data, enriching my knowledge,

It felt like we were parents at college.


Your basket gets filled with skills and tools,

To engage at your domain, the new found rules.


Some learning matter was right in your face,

It only exposed your poor parental case.


Remarks, opinions and a giggle or two,

Next time surely, you’ll know what to do.


Engaging in group work, home joys and all,

You learn that in time, its okay to fall.


The educational journey does not stop here,

Parents! Go out there – we’ve got nothing to fear.


Positive Parenting Skills Training participant
Mitchells Plain, Eastridge Clinic