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12 fun-filled things to do this summer

The thought of a long hot summer stretching ahead with not much to do can be quite daunting! And with water restrictions to boot, it’s even more overwhelming to think of fun things to do with your kids. Growing up we had to be inventive and played street games with our friends until late into the night – often with our parents watching from the gate or shouting out tips from the pavement to enhance the game!

Parents work harder now and are often tired when they get home. We also don’t have the luxury of playing outside until after dark anymore.

Maybe this list of fun family activities we’ve put together will give you some inspiration and help you create amazing memories.

  1. Go for a walk on the beach or in a forest.
  2. Start a holiday tradition and make your own decorations and gifts (maybe using shells or pinecones you collected on your walk).
  3. Camp out in your backyard, enjoy a picnic or braai and toast marshmallows.
  4. Play hopscotch or soccer outside.
  5. Take a walk to the library.
  6. Turn up the radio and have a dance party!
  7. Take a road-trip and maybe do some berry picking along the way.
  8. Stay up late and have a movie marathon or tell stories in the dark.
  9. Take a walk to the park and read a book under the trees.
  10. Plant a succulent garden and teach your children the value of saving water.
  11. Visit the Company’s Gardens (take the train) and listen to the sounds of the City!
  12. Have a ‘family digital detox’ – turn off all your electronic devices and teach your children how to play 5-stones or 3-sticks.

The most important thing is that you spend some time with your children, creating memories which you and your children will treasure for years to come, and which provide a sense of being noticed, loved and belonging.

 Happy holidays!



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